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New Build Projects:

Orchard House, Woodborough

A development project to create a spacious, modern 2500 sq ft house. The house has been built to a high spec., low carbon footprint using a combination of ecologically sound technologies including solar panels; a rain water harvesting system; an air source heat pump, underfloor heating and using light tunnels.


Riverside House, East Chisenbury

The construction of a beautiful five bed room thatched house on the banks of the river Avon.

Renovation and refurbishments:

Post Office Lane, Broad Hinton

Refurbishment and extension of a period property.  The oak framed extension has given this property a new lease of life.  The end result is a light and open house with a breathtaking central atrium enhanced by a bespoke oak staircase and the added feature of a glazed floor panel over the original well.  


Salthrop Farm

Conversion of existing cowbarn to create a light and spacious dining area using glass and timber construction in Grade II listed farmhouse.


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