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Over the years we have been involved in dozens of projects, we've listed some of them here:


Manor Cottage, Enford

Radical refurbishment of a brick and slate cottage to make a beautiful five bedroom home, with clay tiled/oak garage and annexe.


Walham Grove, SW6

Obtaining planning permission and building regulation approval and completing a back to brick refurbishment of this London home to give a modern high tech designers dream.


Old Barn, East Chisenbury

The renovation and conversion of an oak framed thatched Wiltshire Barn and reinstatement works to breached banking and Chisenbury sluice gates on the River Avon.


Riverside House, East Chisenbury

The construction of a beautiful five bed room thatched house on the banks of the river Avon.


Sharcott Mill Cottage, Pewsey

Radical refurbishment and reconstruction of an old Wiltshire cottage to create a beautiful five bedroom home.


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